The Depths to Which We’ve Descended

by Karl Denninger

I’ve had this article in the queue for a while and refused to publish it because these physicians have been telling the truth about science when it comes to Ivermectin and other treatments, including the steroid-responsive and timing-sensitive nature of Covid-19, since it started.

I’ve been following their and EVMS’ work since they first organized, and the first data out of Broward on Ivermectin was reported — and instantly buried and ignored by NIH and everyone else.

As I’ve repeatedly pointed out when you have a “mad rush” sort of response to a pathogen that suddenly becomes relevant you have two basic choices: Repurposing existing drugs and methods and devising new ones.

The first is faster but has two problems — the “newest” possible therapies are on-patent, tend to be very expensive and thus by definition reserved for the most-ill simply because giving everyone in a nation a $3,000 shot is not going to happen.

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