Simply Put: No

by Karl Denninger

Read this folks and listen to the clip:

In other words it will never end.

You heard it from the official mouthpiece of the White House.

They will never drop their mandates and demands. Ever. That is what you heard. If you allow this to continue for as little as one more day both you and your kids are ****ed. President Biden does not care, Fauci does not care, your Governor does not care and your mayor does not care. They’ve been running bull**** on you continually since last March.

Get that through your thick head right now.

They know damn well that what they’re jabbing you with does not stop the virus. They also know the masks don’t stop the virus either because they have proof in the numbers on top of 40 years of hard science and dozens of years of physics that made clear the claim was flatly impossible. The CDC’s director said under oath that if we just wore masks for six or eight weeks in September that the virus would be and remain under control.

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