In Response to “New York,” Re: GameStop

The Big Apple mag takes a shot at purveyors of “balefully misguided progressive discourse,” i.e. me and a few others who cheered the GameStop rally. A note in reply

by Matt Taibbi
Matt Taibbi’s Blog

Eleven years ago I did a story for Rolling Stone about a foreclosure court in Jacksonville, Florida. After the 2008 crash, banks were kicking people out of their homes at such a furious pace that states couldn’t keep up. In Florida, an old judge was pulled out of retirement to preside over a special high-speed “rocket docket” court. He sat at the head of a small conference table in a cramped room, and I watched as he rubber-stamped stacks of foreclosures, sending a queue of bewildered homeowners on the street — one every few minutes, on average.

The people lining up to surrender their homes were middle- and formerly middle-class Americans, who’d managed to scratch out enough to buy a home at one point, but were certainly not rich. One worked at a pool-cleaning company, another was a waitress, a third was a school administrator, and so on. They were white, African-American, Latino, Asian, and they expressed a range of emotions, from shock to shame to anger.

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