I Told You So – In March of 2020

by Karl Denninger

Back in March of 2020 I told you point-blank that the sequencing of Covid-19 and bat coronaviruses in public repositories made quite clear the probability of Covid-19 being an accidental release from Wuhan was extremely high.


1. The sequencing was too close and the changes not in places where it was likely to happen by random chance.

2. The alleged animal source was at its closest to Wuhan 600 some miles away; bats do not range that far.

3. The specific changes that made the virus much more infectious than the original SARS and the alleged precursor all magically appeared at once and this is about as likely as my being hit by an asteroid while going to get my mail. Typical evolutionary changes in viruses are gradual; you do not have a 10x greater infection risk pop up all at once in the wild.

4. Somehow that bat virus and the animal(s) carrying it had to get all the way to Wuhan without infecting anyone or anything else, a statistical anomaly that is wildly beyond reasonable random chance.

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