How the Left Hides the Sausage…

by Karl Denninger

…..right up your ass.

The Atlantic started the “Covid Tracking Project” when they had a great villain — Donald Trump — who they could beat over the head. They, along with the rest of the media, participated in hiding the Cuomo nursing home deaths, never investigating and never caring. Ditto for those in Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There was not one complaint about banning drugs from being used against Covid-19, even though off-label prescriptions have been explicitly legal since the FDA was founded.

Nor was there a single complaint from any of these so-called “journalists” about the fact that myriad “non profit” entities, from Gates’ evil spawn to the NIH and CDC to Vanderbilt to Johns Hopkins to many others all did not spend a single nickel running the data through a quick screen for all reasonably safe pharmaceutical and nutritional substances and then performing clinical trials with informed consent on those that might work.

And let me be clear: This is not by any means limited to The Atlantic; it stretches across the entirety of “organized journalism”, all of which had a hard-on for Trump and was willing to destroy the economy, the education of children and watch your grandmother choke to death in order to “get” him.

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