France Might Yet Lead the West Against Wokeism

by Conrad Black
New York Sun

President Macron of France has now warned his countrymen of the menace of American academic and media “woke” thinking and of identity politics as a formula for social oppression and disunity.

France is officially focused entirely on the integration of its entire population into a cosmopolitan French whole, and in a peculiar arc of alliance between nationalist academics, intellectuals, and conservative politicians, all are warning against the importation of what they regard as degenerate and self-destructive American academic faddishness.

France has been warned by its leaders from Right to Left to beware of what is effectively referred to as the latest manifestation of American madness (a phenomenon the French profess to have identified many times since the Marquis de LaFayette assisted General George Washington in securing the surrender of the British at Yorktown in 1781).

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