Clapper: ‘Absolutely the Right Decision’ to Withhold Intelligence Briefings From Trump

by Trent Baker

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper weighed in on whether former President Donald Trump should continue to receive classified intelligence briefings.

Clapper said it is “absolutely the right decision” to withhold the intelligence from Trump, given his “disdain” for the “substance” and “protection” of intelligence. He added that Trump’s debt “would be a real red flag” to a judge.

“What’s your fear if Donald Trump were to get intelligence briefings still?” host Alisyn Camerota asked.

“Well, I think he’s demonstrated a disdain for both the substance of intelligence as well as its protection,” Clapper replied. “He’s, you know, he’s used it on occasion, weaponized it against political opponents.

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