Biden Leads Assault on White Americans

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Gregory Hood explains why many Trump voters fear that they are being criminalized for opposing Biden’s agendas. Hood writes that illegitimate president Joe Biden has called for “constant, unrelenting immigration.” Biden said a non-white majority will be “a source of our strength.” Biden also said, “English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture” has “got to change.” Racism, Biden said, has been “built into every aspect of our system.”

Hood points out that Biden has assembled a government that regards white patriotic conservative Americans as likely dangerous members of “white supremacist militias” prone to violence. The “MEGA terrorist” image created by the media is being used to pass a domestic terrorism bill to silence dissenters from the anti-Constitutional, anti-white direction our country is being taken.

Whether or not we agree with Hood’s perspective, the image that Biden is creating of Trump voters is the antithesis of unity. Biden is isolating and demonizing a large percentage of American citizens.

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