A Curious Phone Call

It wasn’t even a couple days and Unknown was calling again. I answered it again, saying that I don’t have and never have had a line of credit via paypal. But he was persistent. He said that in 2018 I opened this line of credit, he had the correct email address, and said that I even made several payments, before stopping payments in late 2019.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

About three months ago, my phone rang and when I looked at the screen, it said “caller unknown.” Thinking that this must be one of the ten gazillion times that I’ve been hounded by calls telling me that my new vehicle warranty was running out and I only had moments to get more coverage…I ignored it.

A couple days later I was listening to my voice mail, and something caught me off guard. There was a male voice saying that he was from such and such company, a “debt collection” agency, and that I should call their office immediately. So I ignored it. I wasn’t in default or behind in any type of payments.

I pay my credit cards almost down to zero every month. My cars are paid for. I’m current with comcast, Verizon, the water company, the electric company and the township for sewer fees. So, I knew it had to be a wrong number.

A week later the phone rings again. Unknown. So this time I answer it. The guy asks my name, I tell him. Then he says something along the line of “We’re so and so, a debt collection agency and this call is being recorded.” Yeah, okay. So, what’s up?

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