Politico Reporter, Washington Post Columnist Propose Changing Terminology for GOPers Opposing Biden Win

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

Politico chief political correspondent Tim Alberta and the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan are arguing that journalists should not describe Republicans who plan to object to certifying Joe Biden’s victory as “conservatives.”

How we got here: Several Republicans have said that they will object to the results of the presidential election when Congress meets on Wednesday to certify Biden’s victory. The effort, which was announced earlier this month, is being led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Senators who joined the Texas Republican include Sens. Ron Johnson, James Lankford, Steve Daines, John Kennedy, and others. They cited “unprecedented allegations of voter fraud and illegal conduct” and said they will oppose the certification of the results unless Congress appoints an Electoral Commission to conduct a 10-day audit into the contested results in some states.

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