It’s Time for Republicans to Stop Lamenting and Start Moving Forward

by Sally Zelikovsky
American Thinker

It’s Potemkin Inauguration Day, and I hope 74 million Trump voters are boycotting the farce. But it’s also time to stop wringing your hands and reading emails that the shoe is about to drop and Trump will remain POTUS. Not gonna happen.

Rumors that Trump has some secret arrangement to stay in power with the military’s assistance appear to be disinformation chum to distract the base or keep us hopeful while other things are happening — with the added bonus of sowing confusion, chaos, and discord. Or its purpose is to convince the incoming Biden administration that the Evil Orange Blofeld has a diabolical master plan to wrest control of the country away from the Democrats. Or both. But there will be no surprise ending where Trump swoops in for the kill.

As if on cue, the party of riots that rejected federal troops and advocates for dismantling the police has effectively imposed martial law on D.C. with 25,000 national guard troops.

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