Epilogue: A Night to Remember at a Palace Beside the Sea

by David Haggith

At a peachy-pink palace that remained from a bygone era beside the sea in a land of decaying swamps, the king of Deep State gathered with the richest of his rich subjects to celebrate his former accomplishments and greatness.

As with all kingdoms, only the old-money crowd gathered in the palace to dine with the king. They came to the palace grounds where they had paid great sums to become members of the court and play games with the king, chasing little ghost-white balls around the king’s lawns and gliding over the land in funny little white buggies.

In the evenings, those who were now long past their sell-by-date gathered to attend fabulous feasts where their fondest pastime was listening to the king’s age-old jokes about the peasants as he reminisced with the rich about how he had made them all richer still — such tales of olden days as always warmed their decaying hearts.

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