Did Biden Voters Knowingly Vote for the Radical Leftist Agenda?

by Patricia McCarthy
American Thinker

It feels that with lightning speed, America has fallen into the hands a radical faction bent on changing the nature of our Republic. The left blatantly installed mail-in voting with few or no safeguards against fraud, the changes in violation of the Constitution in many states. Protections against phony ballots, out-of-state voters, fake ballots, and other forms of fraud were minimal or nonexistent.

We should have known. The evidence has been out there for all to see but in the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Obama and his entourage have never taken their eye off the ball. He and his allies have been striving to implement their “fundamental transformation” of the US for decades. The media and big tech are their handmaidens; they are completely on board, even banning Trump from Twitter.

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