The Ruling Class Claims They Are Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

[Ed. Note: Ok, so Vladimir Putin claims to have taken the Sputnik V vaccine, and all of these same people, along with the FDA are still dismissing it as unsafe… Almost as if they, themselves do not believe these “great leader gets a saline injection” dog & pony shows.]

by Mac Slavo

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all say they will be getting the new Coronavirus vaccine. As if we didn’t trust the ruling class already, this should seal the deal. This is an obvious bit of propaganda.

The three former presidents from both sides of the aisle (political parasites and members of the ruling class) have all pledged to take a COVID-19 vaccine on camera when it’s available to them, hoping to assuage fears at a time when recent polls have shown that just under half of Americans said they would not take a vaccine, according to a report by Today.

As Brian with High Impact TV says, “anytime a world leader takes a V-A-double-X on TV, it might behoove the general public to take a closer look.”

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