Scientists, MPs Ask “Where is Evidence of 70% More Contagious Mutant Covid?”

from Zero Hedge

Given the “plunge” in stocks (Nasdaq is down less than 1%) and headlines blaring of COVID “mutations”, @KizzyPhd decided to ‘clarify’ some science before all hell breaks loose (which judging by the London exodus, it already did) for no good reason. She begins…

Live view of our neutralization assay team scrambling to make yet another virus variant every time the media publishes about a new single amino acid change without context. ??

— KizzyPhD (@KizzyPhD) December 21, 2020

@KizzyPhD offers some context:

You are going to read and hear about a million and one variant viruses, because viruses mutate by nature. It’s scary, I know. But, a couple of amino acids is not the same a whole whole new virus strain in the way that we’ve been taught to think about flu.

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