Science Can Be Great… Scientists? That Depends

by P.F. Whalen
American Thinker

“Follow the Science” has become a frequently heard rallying cry from the Left and their media in recent months. An even newer phenomenon is the bumper sticker asking “Got Science?” which is often spotted adorning a Prius or Subaru, between the drivers’ other decals pleading “Feel the Bern” and “Resist.” Anyone paying attention understands that those of us who disagree with our friends on the Left on matters of science tend to do so not based on any aversion to science, but rather the political nature and behavior of individuals within the scientific community. The issue isn’t science at all. The problem is scientists, and to be more accurate, scientists who lie to us and are politically motivated while pretending to be otherwise.

This past weekend we became aware that Dr. Anthony Fauci had told the New York Times that he adjusted his projections on the number of nationwide COVID vaccines needed to achieve the ever-elusive “herd immunity.” Fauci told the Times, “When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70-75%.

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