New Coronavirus Mutation as it Attains Its Final Form… Communism

from Dollar_Vigilante

ALERT: New Coronavirus Mutation as It Attains Its Final Form… Communism

Controlled Demolition of The American Empire:

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INTRO VID: V is for Virus Trailer IV – Truthiracy:

Londoners fleeing city:

The Truth Unmasked In This Mad World! – Shaking My Head Productions:

They are testing our limits to see if they can push us into mental illness:

Who was causing a disturbance in this situation?:

Millions of people wearing cotton masks all day… which causes “Brown Lung Disease” that sounds a lot like Covid:
No one is going to like where all this tracking, chipping and tracing is going:

Overdose deaths far outpace COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco:

IMF Proposes Punishing Dissidents by Lowering Their Credit Score if They Go to Bad Websites:

If your favorite cryptocurrency can get sued… its a shit cryptocurrency. Try suing #Bitcoin or #Monero lolz:

$900 billion divided by 350 million people is $2,500 per person. You will get $600. Where will the rest go? LOL, scammed again. And, it’s half what they last gave you. Just fyi, 2 years from now, it’ll be about $20/month and you will live in Cuba:

In bitcoin terms, people receiving “stimulus” checks now are receiving about 1/10th of the amount they received in the Spring:

I think between building these for the media and government and buying #Bitcoin , everything would soon get better: