by Karl Denninger

Politics for Christmas eh?

Oh, and the tin bin is really cranking about the Nashville bombing.

Folks, cut the bull**** ok?

If Trump is going to do anything about the election fraud, and I believe there was plenty of it, why hasn’t he done so?

He has the authority to do it. The problem with doing it is that he might provoke a revolt. A real one. And when you get down to it he doesn’t have the balls. Then again this is not new; he didn’t have the balls to follow through on breaking the medical monopolies (despite having the authority) as he promised when running for President, he didn’t have the balls when Covid started to tell Fraudci and Birx to go suck eggs, we knew that historically speaking there had never been a respiratory virus in which asymptomatic or presymptomatic spread was material and yet he listened to a bunch of people who told him it was happening (and so did Governors) and thus locked down and ordered “mask mask mask” — which proved to be bull**** and worthless.

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