Hairy Hissmas Eve

by Karl Denninger

I could play Festivus and “air the grievances”, but that would require hours, consume tens of thousands of words, and include invocations of guillotines and gallows, especially, this year, aimed at our medical establishment folks such as doctors who refuse to solve problems there is plenty of evidence for solutions of and so-called “public health officials” who usually are called “doctor” too but somehow we manage to forget the name “Mengele” which certainly applies.

Or I could muse on the celebration of the anniversary of Christ’s birth, but let’s face it, nobody does that anymore and even if you want to your governor has prohibited it and, like good little sheep, you go along with that bull**** rather than roasting his chestnuts over an open fire. Why should God help you if you refuse to help yourself and eschew Him to cower under your desk before petty tyrants? It’s not like George Washington took on the most-powerful military in the world in the middle of a smallpox outbreak with nothing more than tents for shelter and horses for transportation. Oh wait….

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