Friend of the Court: Original Jurisdiction

by Jim Willie

Much distraction has come with state level hearings and corrupt panels in the so-called swing states during the US Presidential Election. The Trump Legal team has two layers at work. The first is visible to the public, led by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell in the front lines. The second is working with the Supreme Court, led by Jay Sekulow, where petitions arrive in a steady stream. The swing states, also called the battleground states, are lined up having certified a Biden victory after an unprecedented chapter of voter fraud which will go down in US History. However, the other more honest states have the option to file suit to the Supreme Court. They can halt the Electoral College process, with a complaint that their own state votes would be diluted by the profound fraud managed by the corrupt swing states. The concept of Original Jurisdiction places the Supreme Court in the position to decide via guidelines on what constitute valid and legal votes. The high court will not decide the election, but rather force the states to do so, in a manner that abides by the US Constitution.

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