Election Maps Prove We Need City States and Beer

by Joe Jarvis
The Daily Bell

Cities vote differently than rural areas, if you haven’t noticed. Look at any election map, and its mostly red, with little clusters of blue in populated areas.

There is another map floating around instead showing large blue dots for population, with the message that land doesn’t vote, people do.

[…] And this is true. But I think the point made by the mostly red land map is that a bunch of city folks are totally controlling how the country folks govern.

I don’t really see rural America clambering to control how cities are run. I do see urbanites demanding control over… well, just about everything.

And in the context of a city, it makes sense to think there needs to be more rules. You’re living in close proximity to a lot of other people. That requires more logistics, and increases the probability of conflict, just based on the number of people you come into contact with.

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