Congress Reaches $900 Billion ‘Covid-19 Relief’ Deal

by Robert Kraychik

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced on Sunday that a deal for “COVID-19 relief” valued at “nearly $900 billion” of federal government spending had been reached by congressional leadership.

McConnell’s remarks on the Senate floor regarding a “major rescue package” “with targeted policies to help struggling Americans” did not include any mention of lockdowns or shutdowns — ostensibly for public health purposes — of businesses or other operations.

McConnell said the spending bill would “provide huge sums for the logistics” of distributing vaccines for the coronavirus.”

“Speaking of vaccines, we can’t nullify the success of Operation Warp Speed by falling asleep at the switch on distribution,” McConnel stated. “So this agreement will provide huge sums for the logistics that will get these life-saving shots to our citizens as fast as possible.”

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