An Angry, Coughing Joe Biden Wants You to Know He’s a ‘Legitimate’ President, Winning His Election ‘Free and Fair’

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

It’s hard to say what was worth noting more in Biden’s first grand speech to the American people upon his purported Electoral College victory: his desperate bid to convince Americans he was legitimately elected or his constant croaking and coughing.

Here’s the 12-and-some-minute speech:

[…] Here’s a transcript.

In common to both, neither of these two sorry things inspired confidence.

First, take the coughing. Biden coughed his way through the speech, his voice hoarse, hacking, choking, pausing, and looking narrow-eyed and mean when at the 8:18 to 8:20 point, he spoke the word “heal.”

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