Mississippi Governor: ‘We Will Certainly Fight’ Any Biden Lockdown, ‘Completely Beyond Reasonableness’

by Tim Pearce
Daily Wire

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said on Thursday that his state would not participate in a national lockdown should one be issued.

Reeves comments come after an adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called for a national lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The Republican governor asserted he would fight any national lockdown mandate issued by a President Biden during a Facebook live session updating Mississippians on the state’s coronavirus numbers, according to Mississippi’s Clarion Ledger.

“I’ve been asked that if the legal challenges that are currently being contemplated play out and the former vice president ultimately becomes the next president, then what is going to change? What I will tell you is, even based upon some of the things that I have heard and said from his campaign, I will tell you I don’t think much of anything’s gonna change with respect to the virus,” Reeves said.

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