“Largest Distribution Ever” – Thousands of Cars Lined Up at Texas Food Bank

[Ed. Note: Stop for a minute and appreciate what it looks like when fifty million dollars worth of cars line up for a hundred thousand dollars worth of food. This is what easy credit produces; a gross mis-allocation of resources.]

from Zero Hedge

According to CBS News, the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) handed out more than 600,000 pounds of food this past weekend to 25,000 hungry people.

Saturday’s event was the “largest-ever” food giveaway as described by NTFB. As shown below, aerial photos reveal vehicle lines stretched miles down the street.

Samantha Woods, a Dallas, Texas resident who was waiting in line, told CBS, “I see blessings coming to us cause we all struggling. And I appreciate North Texas helping us out.”

Cynthia Culter, another Dallas resident, said, “I haven’t been working since December, can’t find a job, they cut my unemployment, it’s a real big deal.”

NTFB spokeswoman Anna Kurian told CNN that “forty percent of the folks coming through our partners’ doors are doing so for the first time.”

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