Joe Biden, the New York Times, ‘Dark’ Winters, and ‘Terrifying Surges’

by John Tamny
The American Institute for Economic Research

“We have found that students are responding well to our voluntary, convenient, and free walk-up testing sites.” The latter is from a press release produced at Penn State University, and that was released this week to the New York Times. It seems Penn State, much like U.S. universities in all 50 states, has an aggressive coronavirus testing program as a way of keeping close track of the virus’s spread on campus.

Please think about the fact that testing for the coronavirus in what is the world’s richest country is increasingly very convenient, and free. Please think about it relative to March and April when tests weren’t anywhere close to this accessible. Not too long ago a quick coronavirus test in the United States cost a privileged subject $400 and above, but in November of 2020 it’s more and more the case that the tests can be had for nothing.

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