In Six Months You Won’t Remember This Election with Darryl Schoon

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

We’re going to be wishing we had listened to Andrew Yang. Money is nothing more than a trading coupon that people have belief, or confidence in. The current monetary system can’t be received. Waves of inflation are coming. Humanity has rare periods of stability and they are inevitably interrupted by great waves of inflation. We’ve printed so many coupons in the last 6 months, there will be consequences. Everyone owes money. It’s a daisy chain of debt. Covid has broken the chain. Darryl Schoon believes the Time of the Volture is upon us. It will feed upon the blindness. The greatest inflationary wave in history is about to subside. Cataclysms always bring about these global collapses and deep change. The cure is the disease. Remember you can never have too much gold and ammo. Keep the faith and don’t lose your head, don’t get sucked into the up and down and you’ll be able to clearly see the paths of success. Buy gold, buy silver and have faith! The great wave’s purpose is renewal.

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