Does America Have a Future?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

If the election is close tonight, the presstitutes will call it for Biden as that will be their way of putting Trump on the defensive. By repeating over and over that Biden has won, the presstitutes will position Trump as disputing the outcome and intending to remain in office.

If polls are correct that a majority of Democrats intend to vote by mail, the in-person vote of Democrats will be too small to declare a Biden victory. The strategy here will be to keep the outcome open for days while mail-in votes are counted. Some states require the votes to be in by election day (Nov. 3), but others only require a postmark by Nov. 3. In other words, many votes could be mailed today and not arrive for some days.

By keeping the outcome open, voting-by-mail gives the Democrats time to scheme how to produce the necessary votes, and the presstitutes have time to make propaganda against Trump.

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