What the Early Voting Numbers Tell Us About Who May Be Winning the Race for the White House

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

Based on the numbers that we have so far, are there some clues that we can glean about who is winning the race for the White House? Up to this point, more than 75 million Americans have already voted, and that blows away anything that we have ever seen before. To put that in perspective, President Trump received a total of 62.9 million votes in 2016, and that was enough for him to win the election. We haven’t seen this much enthusiasm for voting in a really long time, and both campaigns are taking this as a positive sign.

Most of the early votes that have been cast so far have been mail-in votes. But early in-person voting is smashing all previous records as well, and normally Democrats jump out to a lead in early in-person voting.

But this time around, it is Republicans that have taken the lead. Not all states report the party affiliation of those that have voted early in-person, but for the states that do give us that information the totals are very interesting…

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