Western Civilization Has Surrendered to Barbarians

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Last June Cambridge University college Gonville and Caius announced that it was taking down a window commemorating Sir Ronald Fisher, the creator of modern statistics. shorturl.at/fuJPS

The window allegedly “gave offense” because Fisher also headed up Cambridge University’s eugenics research program, which has, through accusation and Third Reich genetic experiments, come to be associated with racism. The removed window says nothing about eugenics and depicts a mathematical model that Fisher devised. Nevertheless, newspaper headlines, such as The Guardian’s, described the window as commemorating an eugenicist, not the greatest statistics genius of all time. shorturl.at/acdeO

The Guardian was unable to point out that it was a Cambridge University research program, not Fisher’s. The Guardian also failed to wonder how ignorant BLM thugs had ever heard of R.A. Fisher. Have you ever heard of him? Most likely one of Cambridge’s quota hires had decided to have fun with the white university’s cowardice.

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