Trump Supporters Chant ‘Four More Years’ During Biden Event

by Jordan Lancaster

Supporters of President Donald Trump chanted “four more years,” “Trump,” and “USA” during a Monday event hosted by Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

While the former Vice President was speaking at the podium in Toledo, Ohio, he was drowned out by loud chants of “four more years,” a video showed. The chants got louder every time Biden mentioned Trump, NBC News reporter Mairanna Sotomayor said on Twitter.

[…] “Joe Biden, speaking of travel, is going to be in Ohio today speaking to literally several people on the ground — a state the president won in 2016 and is going to win again in November,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien told reporters Monday, according to CBS. “We are quite happy to see Joe Biden wasting a valuable day on the campaign trail in a state that he won’t win in three weeks.”

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