The Chinese Virus – Why We Panicked and Why We’ve Got to End the Panic Now

by Tadas Klimas
American Thinker

There were some good reasons we were scared, indeed, petrified, of the Chinese Virus. But we panicked mostly because we were set up to do so.

First, there had been weeks of reporting describing the crazed goings-on in Wuhan. Wuhan suddenly materialized on the viewscreens of our lives: a large city that no one had ever heard of. The actions of the communist government made it appear that an apocalypse had begun. Bridges cordoned off, roads blocked, streets emptied. Culminating in those poor souls being boarded up by the authorities in their apartment and left to die.

Then, for what at the time were reasons unknown, the virus attacked a region in Europe. No one, it seemed, could fathom why, why there, which was scary in itself. But later we learned that the Chinese had allowed flights from Wuhan to Northern Italy, where, it turns out, around a hundred thousand Chinese from Wuhan labor in Chinese-owned factories.

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