Social Media to Introduce New Fact-Check Measures That Make it Impossible to Find Out How Incredibly Corrupt Joe Biden is [Satire]

by Andrew Klavan
Daily Wire

Social media platforms are introducing new rules to fight disinformation.

For instance from now on, when a verified email from Hunter Biden reveals that Hunter was receiving money from Chinese Communist tyrants and then sleeping with prostitutes while simultaneously stuffing bills of large denominations into Joe Biden’s pockets while Joe was still vice president, allegedly, Twitter will automatically translate the text of the email into Russian to indicate that this is disinformation and therefore incomprehensible to anyone who can’t read the Cyrillic alphabet.

Likewise, if a new video comes to light showing Joe Biden walking around in circles singing “Show Me the Way to Go Home,” while wearing a paper hat with the words “Tippecanoe and Tyler too,” scrawled on it in blue crayon, Facebook will helpfully replace that video with a video of Brain Stelter walking around in circles making up reasonable explanations for why Joe Biden was walking around in circles.

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