Not This Time

So what happens if Biden/Harris steal this thing? I don’t even want to contemplate it.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

As you know I’ve been talking about how ugly things would get ahead of the election. I guess for some, my fears of roaming gangs of leftist anarchists just seems too paranoid. Why do I think that? I’ve had a couple people Email me saying I should take some medication and calm down, that I’m paranoid, and once the election is over, this too shall pass.

Not this time folks. This is NOT going to pass. The Genie is out of the bottle and he’s not going back in.

I’m not paranoid. I gather the facts. Fact – this was posted back on September 4th:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Once hailed as one of the most livable U.S. cities, Portland, Oregon, is grappling with an uncertain future as it reaches a stunning benchmark: 100 consecutive nights of racial injustice protests marred by vandalism, chaos, looting, burning buildings — and the killing of a supporter of President Donald Trump.

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