Nancy Pelosi Rejects ‘Skinny’ Stimulus Package, Says No Airline Bailout Without Broader Plan

from Zero Hedge

With US stocks on yet another tear Thursday morning as the market has become enamored with the misperception that no stimulus now means 2x the stimulus after the election (an election the outcome of which is still very much uncertain), Politico reports that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has floated the idea of restarting stimulus talks with Nancy Pelosi, despite the growing number of obstacles to getting a deal done.

Per Politico, Mnuchin isn’t the only one urging Trump to consider restarting talks following his unprompted announcement earlier this week that he had ordered his administration to pull out of the talks, a comment that sent US stock futures plunging. The conversation reportedly occurred on Wednesday, as the GOP pushed for a industry-specific aide and enough money to send another round of stimulus checks.

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