Mr. Trump and Fraudulent Election Balloting

by Walter E. Block
The Daily Bell

Mr. Trump is quite justified in worrying aloud about the possibility of voter fraud what with absentee balloting and reliance on, ugh, the US Postal Service.

The instances of chicanery in this regard are too numerous to deserve specific mention. It is not for nothing that their product is widely known as “snail mail.” This is the group that loses money by the billions, not the millions.

More important than any documentation of past swindles is the issue of what, if anything, can be done about this. Our quick solution is an executive order to cut the Post Office out of the loop, via support from the Supreme Court.

At present, the high court cannot be relied to support the president in any such endeavor. Quite possibly, it would be deadlocked with a four to four decision. But happily, with Amy Coney Barrett seated on the bench, the likelihood of a positive five to four decision is vastly increased.

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