Elections, China, Bitcoin and More

No matter who ends up being declared the winner when this nightmare is over, there will still be millions upon millions of very angry voters out there that are likely to feel as though the election was stolen from them, and that is a recipe for widespread social unrest, and that’s an ideal situation for the Chinese, who could use the chaos and confusion generated here in America by the elections, to invade Taiwan before the U.S. can react.

by Bob Rinear
The International Forecaster

Okay, where am I going to start? Let’s try this… a couple weeks back I mentioned to you all that a gent I know who’s done very well with Bitcoin and some other crypto’s, told me that himself and several of his crypto buddies thought that the new coin coming out was going to “be everything bitcoin was supposed to be, but isn’t.”

Well, I’ve never been a crypto guy, although I understand the reasoning behind why it “could” become something quite special. But the true reason why I told you all about this new coin wasn’t because I personally believe it’s the next best thing to sliced bread, not at all. I said quite matter of factly that the real reason I shared this link with you was that anyone that “puts in an email address gets 3,600 of these coins for free.” That’s it. Free coins. I have no new love for crypto’s, I simply feel that hey, if they’re giving these out for the pre-launch, and things go well, we just got free money.

When it launches, it’s supposed to be worth a penny a coin. So if it does and it’s liquid you just got 36 bucks for nothing. But if it catches on and goes to say 10 bucks, then hey, you got 36,000 dollars. For free.

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