Bush Staffers Go All in for Joe Biden with Campaign Ads Attacking Trump

by John Binder

Staffers who worked for President George W. Bush are going all in for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden in hopes of returning the White House back to one of their globalist allies in the political class.

The group, 43 Alumni for Biden, has released two campaign ads to prop up the former vice president’s campaign. One of the ads is geared towards Hispanic Americans and claims President Trump is an “existential threat” to their community.

The latest ad suggests the Bush staffers “understand the character, the experience, and frankly the empathy required for leadership because we’ve seen it first hand when we all served with the 43rd president.”

“But come election day, every last one of us on this team is voting for Biden,” the ad states. “Let’s put Joe Biden in the White House. He’ll be a solid 46.”

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