Biden is Running a Protection Racket

by Sidney Powell
American Thinker

Joe Biden’s big pitch is his promise to restore calm. It’s a con. It’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter — both on his side — that are stirring everything up. He’s trying to run a protection racket: vote Democrat, or the chaos continues.

Biden talks of calm, but it is not Trump-supporters storming restaurants and other public places across the country to demand obeisance to their agenda. Instead, from Washington to Kentucky to Florida, it is the “Black Lives Matter” movement — which Biden has made a centerpiece of his campaign — that has smashed up restaurants, threatened their owners, and demanded that diners raise the black power fist. As one headline put it, “aggressive mob of white BLM protesters threaten and film white diners at DC restaurants and DEMAND they raise their fist and show solidarity with them…or else.”

Biden speaks of tolerance, but it isn’t MAGA people marching into our schools, newsrooms, and even corporate boardrooms to demand absolute allegiance; it’s Biden-supporting leftists.

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