Anticipating Mass Riots and Looting, Walmart Pulls Guns and Ammo from Sales Floor Before Election

by Brock Simmons
The Gateway Pundit

It looks as though Walmart’s crystal ball is showing a big, beautiful victory for President Trump next week.

Ahead of Tuesday’s election, Walmart officials have made the decision to remove all guns and ammo from shelves. But this isn’t a stunt to cave in to the anti gun lunatics, it’s to prevent rioting looters from making off with the goods. Guns and ammo are still available for purchase, they will just be kept in the back and, hopefully, in a locked and fortified area.

NPR Reports:

Walmart pulled guns and ammunition from its store shelves as a precautionary measure, following the unrest in Philadelphia this week after police fatally shot a Black man more than a dozen times on Monday.

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