And Now the Hammer Falls: CDC Knows Masks Worthless

by Karl Denninger

Hoh hoh hoh look what we have here…

Publication date September 11th, prior to Redfield’s testimony before Congress.

He committed perjury and there is proof. His own agency’s report documents that masks have no statistical benefit.

[…] Note that unlike the other data in this report this table has no CI interval bands displayed. The reason is obvious when you look at it; the two associations that are statistically-significant are being in close contact with a known case (duh) and having a family member who was the close case. Interestingly enough what is also borne out in the data is that people who are friends are negatively associated (in other words you’re probably not getting it from someone asymptomatically as your friends stay away from you when they know they’re sick) and the same negative association is present for work colleagues.

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