America is a Dead Man Walking Because American Youth, or Their Minds, Have Been Stolen

There is no one to ensure the country’s future

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The United States is a screwed-up country. It this regard, the US has few rivals.

The legal voting age in the US is 18 years of age, which is also the age of female sexual consent and military enlistment. So at 18 years of age youth can affect the governance of the country, get legally laid, kill and die in combat, but are considered too irresponsible to imbibe alcohol and purchase a pistol from a licensed dealer until three years later at age 21.

An 18 year old can be sent off to war armed to the teeth, but cannot legally purchase a pistol in a gun store. He or she can influence how we are governed but cannot purchase a drink at a bar or restaurant.

What does an 18-year old know about politics, life, anything? Except in very rare circumstances, nothing at all.

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