A Secular Bull Market for the Ages

by Rambus Chartology

In this last post for the Quarterly Report I would like to update some very long term charts for some of the US stock markets and other areas to see how this secular bull market has been progressing since the 2009 crash low. It is easy to forget the secular bull market when you see a black swan or an act of God event that totally changes the dynamics on the shorter term time scale. It is these long term charts which keeps one focused when all hope appears to be lost.

So what does a secular bull market look like? Below is a 75 year quarterly chart for the SPX we’ve been following since the breakout from its massive flat top triangle consolidation pattern in 2013 when just about every other US index and world stock markets broke out of their respective massive consolidation patterns. This big picture look shows no signs of ending anytime soon. We just experienced one of the biggest crashes in the history of the stock market and still the SPX is trading not to far off of its all time highs.

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