The Collapsing Universities, and What We Can Do About It

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

America’s universities have been taken over by the left, but the way they are reacting to the fake Covid-19 crisis gives us a chance to reconstitute higher education on sound free-market principles.

In the name of “diversity,” academic standards have been gutted. Here are some examples. Emily Walton, a sociology professor at Dartmouth, teaches her students about “ ‘white blindness’ Everyone learns, but I find that the small handful of white students in the class usually learn the most. That’s because for the first time in their lives, they begin to look at themselves as members of a racial group. They understand that being a good person does not make them innocent but rather they, too, are implicated in a system of racial dominance.

After spending their young lives in a condition of ‘white blindness,’ that is, the inability to see their own racial privilege, they begin to awaken to the notion that racism has systematically kept others down while benefiting them and other white people.”

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