New Footage of Kenosha Shooting Might Prove Rittenhouse Acted in Self-Defense

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

A non-profit founded by Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer has released reportedly new footage that might back the defense team’s claim that the 17-year-old acted in self-defense when he fatally shot two people in Kenosha.

The video was released by the attorney Lin Wood’s Fight Back Foundation and aired on Fox News’ “Tucker Calrson Show.” It aims to establish a timeline of the events that happened on the day of the shooting and shows clips, taken by bystanders, of Rittenhouse’s encounter with the protesters.

The narrator in the video claims that 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum committed arson in Kenosha that night and then shows a clip of Rittenhouse running with a fire extinguisher. The video then shows a clip of Rosenbaum chasing after Rittenhouse when another protester fired a gun in the air.

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