Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – We Will See a “Coup” in the U.S. as America Approaches Its “Weimar Moment”

from King World News

Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price just issued a dire warning that we will see a “coup” in the U.S. as America approaches its “Weimar moment.”

September 9 (King World News) – Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: I have relied on no particular source of information in the process of forming an opinion regarding the causes and the promoters of the present disturbances in the US, and their objectives. I browse the Internet like anyone else. My opinion regarding events in the US is the result of my personality: my opinions are what they are, because I am the way I am.

I cannot regard events in the US as spontaneous expressions of anger and dissatisfaction regarding present social conditions. Disorderly events of this duration and magnitude cannot possibly be – in my opinion – spontaneous expressions of popular discontent.

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