Learning from Fidel

Whilst we can imagine that the theatrical events may possibly have taken weeks of preparation, Cubans saw only the results – overnight emplacement of artillery.

by Jeff Thomas
The International Forecaster

Fidel Castro was the longest-reigning political leader of the twentieth century. How did this one-time law student/protestor pull this off?

Well, as a protesting student, he made every mistake in the book, with particular emphasis on egotistically wanting always to be at the forefront and getting all the press.

His efforts were never well-thought through. He got by mostly on zeal and braggadocio.

Then, as an armed revolutionary, his first effort was an ill-conceived attempt to take over a fortified army barracks, which failed miserably, landing him in prison.

Having gained a pardon, he went into exile in Mexico, then foolishly sailed an overloaded boat to Cuba in questionable weather along with his co-conspirators. Luckily, he made it to the southeast coast but was promptly set upon by waiting government forces. Unlike many of his comrades, he escaped to the Sierra Madre, from where he accomplished only the occasional raid in the eastern cities.

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