From a Small Town in Idaho, Covid’s ‘New Normal’

by Aaron Brown
American Thinker

We have been in this lockdown for over 6 months. By any rational standard, by now, we ought to be able to go back to normal. When I talked to our governor’s office here in Idaho, I was informed that it was now up to our local health district. When I talked to our local health official to find out what was the standard they would use before we could go back to normal I was informed it would probably be some time next spring.

Thus, we are told that we will just have to get used to a New Normal. Things will never be normal again. Whatever our personal discomfort we will have to learn to live with it.

That may be fine for individuals, but what about businesses? Thousands of smaller businesses have gone under because they could not afford to be shut down — and some big ones have declared bankruptcy. Among the hardest-hit are restaurants, and restaurant chains, which have a narrower margin of profit than most other businesses. Many have re-opened with fewer tables but even then they have had few customers.

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