Chicago Mail Carriers Threaten to Stop Delivering Mail if City Fails to Control Violence

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

United States Postal Service workers in Chicago say they will stop delivering mail in some neighborhoods in the city, citing the shooting of a colleague of theirs while on the job.

The story: On Friday, postal workers in Chicago’s postal joined in a protest urging city leaders to put an end to gun violence. They said they would stop delivering mail in some affected neighborhoods, forcing residents to pick up their own mail, CBS 2 Chicago.

How we got here: On Thursday morning, a 24-year-old postal carrier was shot in the South Side Burnside neighborhood in Chicago during a drive-by shooting. The woman, who police believe was not the intended target, was shot multiple times and was critically injured.

Branch 11 union president, Mack Julion, told ABC 7 Chicago that the mail carrier was in a stable condition and recovering at the hospital.

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