Small Signs of Hope That Lockdowns Could Soon End

by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The American Institute for Economic Research

For so many months, it’s been nonstop bad news on business closures, arts trashed, museum shuttering, unemployment, missed surgeries and diagnostics, plus rising loneliness, drug overdoses, depression, and suicide. Every day has been as dark or darker than the previous one.

And yet here we are with a political class, all over the world, refusing to admit error and fearing the reopening because they don’t want to be seen as reversing course on the most catastrophic policies in modern history.

And yet, there are some signs of hope. Small ones. We shall see.

A medical advisor to Boris Johnson, Prof. Mark Woolhouse, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours, has actually admitted that the government had no idea what it was doing and so completely panicked with lockdowns.

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